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Why are you looking to develop a Leisure Hall?

To ensure Meadowhall's continuing success - and maintain its contribution to Sheffield and the wider City Region - it's important that we keep on top of what visitors are looking for. The Leisure Hall is our response to the changing tastes of our visitors and will mean that Sheffield will continue to compete with Leeds and Manchester as a shopping destination.

When will you be submitting a planning application?

A planning application was submitted to Sheffield City Council in November 2016. We anticipate that Sheffield City Council’s Planning & Highways Committee will consider the planning application in Spring 2017.

Will you be doing anything else at Meadowhall?

The Leisure Hall is part of an overall strategy to improve Meadowhall and make visiting it a more pleasant and enjoyable experience for customers. We are carrying out a refurbishment of the centre to bring Meadowhall up-to-date with the demands of modern customers. If planning permission is granted for the Leisure Hall, the new development will be beautifully landscaped and laced with areas of new planting throughout, whilst the roof of the new cinema will be fitted with solar panels which will be a source for at least 10% of the Leisure Hall’s energy consumption.

We're also proposing a series of public transport, accessibility and highways improvements for Meadowhall, including:

High-tech electronic signage which will show car park space availability and live information on the local highways network

Electric car charging points, making Meadowhall a more attractive destination to full electric or hybrid car users

Working with South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive to improve the Meadowhall Passenger Transport Interchange to increase Meadowhall’s connectivity across Sheffield City Region and beyond

A new secure cycle parking hub with changing, shower and locker, and cycle maintenance facilities

Improving pedestrian and cycle links and paths

Enhancing the M1 Junction 34 North and M1 Junction 34 South roundabouts by providing additional lanes, and widening the section of Sheffield Road from Vulcan Road to the M1 Junction 34 South

Delivering a package of measures to improve the operations of the Meadowhall Passenger Transport Interchange to increase the centre’s connectivity with Sheffield City Region and beyond

I see you’re building on the car park - will you be replacing these parking spaces?

Yes. If the Leisure Hall is approved we’ll be adding new spaces in a state of the art multi-storey car park with improved access to the M1, making it easier to access and exit Meadowhall. We intend to keep the same number of car parking spaces as currently provided at the centre – they will just be distributed differently.

What kind of jobs will be created?

If approved, the Leisure Hall would create 540 construction jobs to deliver the scheme and 1,100 new jobs at the Leisure Hall once it opens.

There are likely to be a wide variety of jobs available, including managerial positions, administration roles, bar jobs and kitchen staff. We expect the vast majority of these new jobs will go to people who live in Sheffield City Region and we’ll work closely with our recruitment and training facility, The Source, as well as Sheffield City Council to make sure local people are able to take advantage of the opportunities created.

In addition to the jobs created at the site, local businesses will be offered an opportunity to compete for contracts and works associated with delivering and operating the Leisure Hall. We are aiming to ensure that a minimum of 30% of total construction costs are delivered by firms based within 25 miles of Meadowhall.